About us

What is Zafaf.net?

It is the Arabic edition of the number one Turkish wedding planning website Düğün.com, which was established in 2007 and is visited by one out of every three couples who are looking to get married!

The site is extremely successful, it was necessary to transfer its unique experience to the Arabic world, Thus Zafaf.net came to be. It was established in 2015 and has attracted thousands of couples and wedding service providers throughout this time.

Zafaf.net is the leading wedding planning guide today in the Middle East. Zafaf.net allows web and mobile visitors to explore hundreds of wedding service providers in their local market and contact them directly and efficiently in a simple and convenient way to get the best prices and offers.

For Couples Planning Their Wedding

Our goal is to make your wedding planning enjoyable and easy!

Getting married is so special but it takes a lot of time and effort to plan the perfect wedding. Not sure where to start? Zafaf.net will guide you through your wedding preparations and help you find all your necessities for the big day.

Instead of getting out of your comfort zone and stressing about where to go and what to do first, Zafaf.net has made it possible to plan the whole wedding from the comfort of your own home.

You can easily find the best venues in your local area. Choose from hundreds of hotels, wedding dress shops, to wedding accessories ... See photos and videos of all the service providers and find out details and prices for FREE!

We also provide you with articles and ideas that are updated weekly by a team of editors and experts to help you step by step in the completion of all stages of the preparation process for a perfect wedding.

Zafaf.net takes the stress out of your wedding planning and makes it efficient and memorable, Get started now!

For Service Providers

Our goal is to connect you with the customers, and provide you with a sustainable online presence such that the customers find you!

Thousands of couples are surfing Zafaf.net everyday to plan their wedding and find the right wedding service providers through our website. This has encouraged over 10,000 businesses to register to Zafaf.net which serves 23 cities in 10 countries within the Middle East and North Africa.

Join Zafaf.net today and provide your services to thousands of couples. Get started now by filling out the vendor form!