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When the wedding is approaching, the couple is asked to arrange a lot of things for the ceremony, and that’s when the moments of tension and waiting begins, and the fear of making mistakes and forgetting things. Umm Qasim is here for you at these moments, which will not only save the day but also making it a perfection made in a shape of a wedding. As one of the best in the field of wedding planning she gives you the opportunity to release yourself from stress yet also to enjoy your day with a full satisfying experience.

We provide a lot of services to make your wedding as good as you could imagine, organizing tables with different shapes covered with plush and unique table covers, in addition to the beautiful chairs that surround the tables according to the number of guests.We can also decorate the tables with a beautiful bouquet of flowers with distinctive colors and candlesticks that contain candles inside to add a romantic and full of love atmosphere to the wedding.

We have modern designs of the finest and most luxurious types of Kusha, and are characterized by modern ideas and attractive designs of natural roses and designs that we may share in the implementation of the ideas of the newlyweds and the image they drew in their imagination to be implemented accurately and professionally. To add to the wedding even more distinctive atmosphere. Our team is ready to decorate the venue with wonderful colors of balloons that are beautifully coordinated.

We can also offer our valued guests a perfume service that includes the most luxurious fragrances.We offer buffet services that include delicious food and appetizers prepared by a team with long experience in the organization of buffets for weddings, and offer different types of desserts decorated with delicious fruits.

We also provide men and women for all occasions, a team of young people offering you the finest Arabic coffee and hot drinks and cold drinks. To enjoy a perfect and organized wedding and for more information about our services just contact us through our contact informations located on our page. We will be ready to answer all your questions and inquiries, and reach you anywhere.

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