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When to use a trumpet fanfare
Understanding the function of a trumpet fanfare will guarantee that its use is most effective.
Fanfares have various different uses; therefore differ in duration, with anything from 5 seconds to around one minute in length.
Fanfares are commonly (but by no means exclusively!) used for the following functions:
♦ To announce the arrival of guests to a venue.
♦ To declare that dinner is served, and for the guests to proceed to the Dining Hall.
♦ As the VIPs or ‘Top Table’ proceed into the Banqueting Hall.
♦ To initiate the speeches.
♦ For the presentation of an award.
Awards Ceremonies
♦ To introduce a speaker.
♦ For the presentation of an award.
♦ To introduce a VIP.
Opening Ceremonies
♦ To introduce a speaker.
♦ To introduce a VIP.
♦ As the red ribbon is cut.
♦ The unveiling of a statue or plaque.
Wedding & Civil Ceremonies
♦ The Procession of the Bride into the venue.
♦ The Recessional of the Bride and Bridegroom from the venue.
♦ Entrance of the Newlyweds to their reception.
♦ The cutting of the Wedding Cake.
♦ To initiate the speeches.
Sporting Events
♦ Boxing Matches (to introduce the boxers at the start of each bout.)
♦ The start of any sports event.
♦ Presentation of awards and trophies.
Product Launches
♦ The unveiling of a new product.
♦ To introduce a speaker.
♦ To introduce VIPs.
Graduation Ceremonies
♦ To start the ceremony.
♦ The procession of the Graduands.
♦ Presentation of special awards.
♦ To introduce VIPs.
Red Carpet Events
♦ Any event with a Red Carpet should be accompanied by a fanfare team, to announce the VIPs’ arrival!
TV & Film
And just about any event where there is something to announce!

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