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Here at, we tend to make it simple for you by listing every wedding venue in Dubai! We have gathered every bridal hall type like the ones in hotels and outdoor giving you a view on the beach or at the pool. includes also a restaurant wedding, in addition to events suitable gardens and clubs.

We also have listed for you trusted tents providing services if you are hosting a huge wedding. Get information about every wedding venue in every area in Dubai and its islands. Pick the right one for your wedding whether you prefer it to be in Jumeirah, marina, or even on the wonderful palm island.

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Why wedding venues in Dubai?

On the map, Dubai lays just above Abu Dhabi, and by climate, both are alike. This reveals the same wedding venues features for our city here. What is more amazing is that the whole of Dubai is on the Arabian Gulf which makes every spot in it a great idea for a wedding venue.

According to that fact, we assure you that Dubai is rich for many views and locations it has, such as coastal hotels and wedding halls, even parks and restaurants. If you roll it in your mind you will find your chance for a fancy wedding in one of Dubai wedding venues that evokes emotional moments in the unforgettable night once and for all.

For weddings halls, it promises you with a summer wedding full of the fresh breeze of the shores and we have it all. Because gathered many types of wedding halls for you, like luxurious halls and small ones to suites your special occasion whether it is an engagement or a wedding. A glorious celebration will be there for your marriage with all the equipment and accessories it needs in wedding halls.

Wedding tents are another facility to join the wedding venues in Dubai and to match the halls with a slight difference. For some wedding tents in Dubai exceeds the elegance of wedding halls and its preparations for party events. Therefore, tents are found very popular in hosting marriages and we do follow every trending wedding venue for you to bring what is modern and creative ideas.

What Dubai has also as wedding venues are parks, gardens and clubs grouped – we shall see later – as outdoor venues. They might have closed ballrooms for events and celebrations, yet, they are meant for enjoying the open-air ambiance for occasions. It allows you to embrace the green nature and blue sights of the coast in your most important event. Again, these are the same elements that trigger magnificent wedding decorations and extraordinary themes.

Our last wedding venue on the list is the wedding restaurants and regardless how huge your wedding would be restaurants halls are the right candidate for it. Even for engagement parties, you still enjoy the hospitality you desire. What is more than that is that you don’t have to worry about the dinner you want to serve by the name of your occasion since restaurants are the heart of dining services.

Wedding halls in Dubai

After setting your wedding date, the first thing to arrange is the wedding hall! As we passed by it above, we would elaborate here to reveal the distinctive characteristics of it as a wedding venue and why. Simply, its dependency as a venue determined for weddings parties shows how perfect place for your happiest moments with your people only.

Unlike other the wedding venues we listed earlier, wedding halls in Dubai gives you the privacy you seek for your wedding and no other event is running next to you, no people are dinning beside you and, definitely, no residence rooms are around. Thought you still find five-stars wedding services like a bridal suite and events buffet.

From dependency comes speciality! Unlike the other wedding venues which serve multi-purpose roles, marriage hall serves only your wedding. it means you are having your greatest event where it supposed to be. So, be specific and go for a specialised wedding venue, get yourself a wedding hall in Dubai!

The concept of the wedding hall’s value – which you will see in wedding halls in Dubai page – speaks of the benefits of such a place. Wedding tents in Dubai, on the other side, sound like the halls especially when they got ceiling, walls and ground, and its internal designs share much with the halls’.

Wedding Hotels in Dubai

About hotel wedding venues in Dubai, it competes with the wedding halls, yet, wedding hotels and wedding halls are managing to provide the highest standards of wedding services. This starts with having a suitable hotel ballroom for every event, and your wedding is one of them, depending on the number of guests. offers you hotel wedding hall as we trust the valuable options of Dubai and we find it a great chance for you to discover them. In wedding hotels in Dubai, you think of the best wedding venues in Dubai for your wedding that offers a hotel wedding package of a lifetime.

Wedding services packages in Dubai hotels provide you with another window to watch how hotels run weddings as an unforgettable night. It is the fame of celebrating marriage and creating happiness through imaginary wedding themes, wedding hospitality services, bridal or royal suite for you and your bride and proper dinning for the celebration.

We still can tell you all about wedding hotels types and services that are exemplified for being the desired place for hosting your wedding. Thus, you need to explore these wedding hotels with us as you go through and check there offers and packages, the addresses and prices. You would also love to watch their photos and videos and guess what, you will find it all in each hotel’s page here.

Outdoor wedding venues in Dubai

We go extraordinary in every way and put the open wedding venues in wedding venues collection in Dubai. This means we collect the best wedding venues including outdoor wedding venues in Dubai from clubs, parks, gardens and some tents. Such venues invest in the natural ambiances unique wedding venues that are rich in views and space.

Dubai wedding gardens enjoy the space the covers quite amount of lands to offer a good area for hosting weddings and provide its facilities and services. So, you can start preparing for a floral wedding stage and wooden decorations with greens and imagine the breezes you would breathe to take away all the nervous air you’ve been having during the wedding arrangements and replace it all with fresh and happy ambiance.

More to say, celebrations gardens in Dubai have astonishing sights for photography sessions to you and your bride at any time before and on the wedding day. Such a place would promise you with unique wedding photos and this is another reason for you to consider when you think of an outdoor club hall or a park along with the wedding ceremony and the reception.

As we spoke of wedding tents Dubai earlier here when we compared it to the wedding halls, we consider it here alone as it has its own privileges. We are talking about how wedding Tents are extremely beautiful and charming for the duality in its internal designs. It combines the form of a wedding hall and a partially outdoor side which expresses the brilliance in creating weddings venues.

Wedding tents in Dubai owes its beauty to people like yourself since couples in a continuous search for something different and unique for their occasions. This evokes the wedding planners and to keep digging for new ideas and themes using tents and for a very simple reason. Tents have been the symbol for folklores life in the gulf area and as part of it, Emirates embraces the privileges of tents for special occasions such as weddings.

What does offer you?

The first step was taken for you to come here in the first place! It’s your response to our call and letting us lead you towards varieties of options we provide for Dubai wedding venues. Therefore, allowing yourself to spend a few minutes to check the distinctive features of reveals how much you believe in its services. has many kinds of wedding venues in Dubai – as explained here – hotels, halls, gardens and restaurant wedding venues in Dubai. expands the categories for each wedding venue type, for instance, you find affordable wedding venues in Dubai and luxury wedding venues in Dubai as well. introduce you to Dubai wedding packages and hotel wedding reception cost depending on the venue type and what services you would like to include. presents the best wedding venues in Dubai which would reply to you, when you send a request or a question, through a quick and direct request form on the left of their pages so easily.

No matter your choice would be, our advice to you is to visit all wedding halls in Dubai from every category to help you in deciding the one that matches your request. We recommend you learn their advantages that fit what you have in mind for your wedding celebration.