Six Tips for Choosing a Wedding "DJ"

Music will either liven up your wedding or make it a total failure; where it helps modify the mood of your guests as well as bring joy and happiness to the whole atmosphere of the wedding ceremony.

It is natural assure the quality associated with the appropriate music by assigning a professional music manager, "DJ" that is known for his work. So let us offer you six tips that will help you in choosing the appropriate"DJ" for your wedding ceremony:

You have to look for a "dj" with good experience and excellent reputation in this field, Ask your friends and relatives if they know any good djs, you can also visit music stores and ask about specialists in the operation of music concerts "DJ".

Before starting the search for the "DJ" make sure you know what the price range is for this kind of service, Through music shops, you can even look online.

The "DJ" that works in clubs does not necessarily mean that he could be good for weddings, so you have to question the "DJ" about the styles of music and songs that he plays and mixes in concert, and what is the style of his expertise, so you do not end up getting just loud music with no "Rhythm".

It is your responsibility to give your opinion on what kinds of songs you would like to play to your dj and make sure that he knows which ones hold a memory or a special place in your heart.

Ask the "DJ" to show you the list of songs that he plans to play on your wedding day, only to find out the nature of the songs that will be managed in general in the wedding ceremony.

Make sure that the Dj DIversifies between Arab and Western music, so you would have a mix of both and won't be confined to one language only. Keep in mind that your guests have different tastes.