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Wanasa Company for Weddings and Events in Abu Dhabi city and all cities of the United Arab Emirates:
The company was established in 2003 in the city of Abu Dhabi and opened in 2006 a branch in Al Ain.
The company organized several weddings and events with unparalleled success. It started organizing weddings in 2004 in Abu Dhabi under the patronage of Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him.

The company is currently operating Remah Hall in cooperation with the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City since 2005, in addition to organizing many events such as:
Maritime Security Conference in Bani Yas island.
Graduates in most of Al Ain Universities
The collective wedding for people with special needs in Dubai
The collective wedding of the employees of the Judiciary Department 2010
The Abu Dhabi Sports Center for Strategic Studies 2013, and many other events we are proud to organize.

The company was established as a result of the presence of many unique ideas that met in a multi-talented team of different nationalities, where the company was divided into several sections according to its specialization and field of excellence. The company has the following sections (decoration department, Al-Zafat Department, and design department, ...).
Design department: able to put all new and distinctive permanently as the labor market and the spirit of competition requires.
 Al-Zafat Department: Since the company has long been characterized by the design of the bride's flare and production until it became a destination for most of the Gulf countries
The flair of the bride is characterized by new ideas and accuracy of execution, whether it is based on editing sound or representation and gestures.

As presented by the Wanasa Wedding company :
It is the first to organize the concert and prepare a detailed outline that includes the breaks and the terms of the ceremony, an executive plan and includes the material cost.
It also offers special occasions such as conferences, corporate parties, wedding decorations such as wedding kiosk, wedding ceremony decoration and flower arrangement.
 It also offers lighting and sound systems.
 As well as photo and video services for events.

 As for the company, the credibility of the work and clarity of the contract and then we deal with customers in a family atmosphere away from the material goals, we define the goal is to make the success of the concert agreed by all means and whatever the costs.
 The material return and profit is the last goal and has no priority in our work dictionary
This is what has characterized the work and the full satisfaction of all customers Wanasa Wedding recognizes the company and daring bold designs, as they have taken a different path.
For example, selling kush to the bride at affordable prices, even though it is expensive, which made the luxury kush available to different strata of society.

Connect with us and benefit from our experience.

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