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At Rimjhim Events and Weddings, we provide turnkey solutions to ensure that you can actually enjoy your wedding and event rather than worry about it. Rimjhim Events and Weddings provides end to end services from initial concept design to collating final guest lists to ultimate execution on your special day(s).

We work hard to get you the best events

The projects we undertake are those, which are of immense importance to our clients. Whether it’s a day that a bride has looked forward to all her life, an evening to celebrate a hard earned milestone for an entrepreneur or an event that will put smiles on thousands of labor workers; we do it all. If your event means the world to you, we’re here to make it a reality. We pride ourselves in having executed projects for our clients, which to them were indeed not just any other event.

Our philosophy is based on the idea of Power Behind One. We aim to provide the efficiencies and capabilities of an extensive corporate with the dedication and commitment of an individual. Your touch point from beginning to end will be one of our top event designers who will be able to use our years of expertise and our extensive team of vendors to help you create a WOW event.

WOW events. Most people tend to remember instances of an event and hence most planners aim to create individual wow points. We believe that a great event is not just about having individual WOW points. A special performance, a grand entry or even stunning décor will at best help accentuate an event. In our opinion, a WOW event is one, where from the beginning to the end all aspects (big or small) come together in perfect harmony so that the WOW feeling never leaves you! After all, the devil is always in the details.

The event designers who work at Rimjhim Events and Weddings have the Power Behind One philosophy ingrained in them deeply. Whilst utilizing the entire team and global network of vendors, they aim to provide clients with turnkey solutions through a single point of contact.’

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