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  • Weddings Organizing, Invitation Organizing, Engagement Organizing, Wedding Desserts, Kosha, Bridal Shower, Host and Hostess team, Music System, Table Cards, Invitations, Memories Photogallery, Video Recording, Catering, Animation, Treats, Banner, Flowers


Every event is a distinct signature of art, imagination and perfection. The quintessential moment when thought is manifested into reality, where the ecstasy of creativity is redefined and where dreams are brought forth into your world of reality.In the summer of 2003, the Emirati couple Mohammed Murad and Zareena Yousif combined this creativity, character & charisma and extracted the essence to form a company named TanseeQ; an enduring icon that meant to flow together.
From creating enchanting themes of floral mystique, to the silent shimmering cascades unto the lap of the resplendent rain, our designers hand pick every element that forms into the creation of magnificence. Just as no precious moment can be left to chance, the time you enter the doors of our world, our incredibly deep & flawless commitment to making your ceremony a memorable one will be left imbibed into your heart and mind for eternity.

Let your event be a reflection of your magnificence and the glory you truly deserve.

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  • Al-Qouz Industrial Area, Behind Gold and Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
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