The Most Popular Zfat in United Arab Emirates

The happiness of the bride is never completed without a zafa that defines her and her personality, and make her wedding night unforgettable and indelible memory for her and her guests, so we will review together the most popular zfat providers in the United Arab Emirates:

Raqsaat Group Wedding Party

Raqsaat group is based in the UAE and has branches in Qatar, Lebanon and Canada. With over 10 years experience in the Event industry ​
With an in-house creative team, they are always one step ahead with Design, Concepts and Shows. Anything can be created for your event be it big or small.

When it comes to Bridal Entrances they know what it's like to want to be different and take your bridal entrance that step higher than the rest. After all it's a big moment and not one you are going to forget. they create fresh, unique and perfectly different Bridal entrances designed around the bride and her special tastes.

Taraneem Wedding Services

They offer full audio system with CD player and DJ headphones hall, and also choose the songs for the bride. Montage hype if they liked the bride's hair or registered in the name of hype Bridal voice any artist of your choice.
they offer music and songs and also lugged music in different voices, both Men or Women. they have Islamic songs and also the Gulf and Lebanese and Syrian and Moroccan and Egyptian and Iranian and Alameh and others.

Al Rawnaq Events

The brides joy is never complete without her special zafa. they provide every bride with her special song made just for her to help make her day one she will never forget.

Mramez Events

their services for weddings fall under the following:
Alzfat voice: to record the songs and provide you with the cd they also provide you with a DJ
different zffat: they have different teams that perform certain dances. they provide Gulf and Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian. they also provide you with different types of zfat on demand, because sometimes the bride's design their own theme with their own wedding spirit.