Buffet or Dinner Served on The Tables?

This question is what makes it difficult on the couples to be to answer, since the couple may spend a lot of time before they decide what is the most appropriate option for them.

We will start an open buffet, which without a doubt is the appropriate choice for celebrations, if you have decided to choose the buffet for your wedding ceremony, Here are some pros and cons:


when choosing a buffet you can apply many of the modern and trendy ideas where there are many things that you can do, as caterer will be able to provide you with a variety of different foods, Italian, Arabic, and the buffet is usually less expensive than dinner, which is offered on the tables.

The buffet also offers a good opportunity for the invitees to talk with each other away from the music and the dance floor as well as providing many options of different foods that will surely satisfy all tastes, whether some of your guests are vegetarians or meat-lovers you will have a buffet of different tastes.


Some guests may take more time than others to choose favorite dishes, which may delay the lineup, especially if the lineup was too long it will waste time and some people will not have their chance to eat.

it may be difficult for guests to deal with silver utensils and plates and drinks while walking in their formal wear. Children and elderlies may not be able to walk from the buffet and back, especially if they want to do this more than once for the main dish and dessert. But if you are considering the establishment of a dinner on the tables, it is likely that you want more elegance and maturity of the service.

Here are some pros and cons of the dinner provided on the tables:


Dinner provided on the tables adds elegance and civility to the wedding, where dinner will be provided for all guests at the same time, it will also provide the family and friends to give their congratulations and wishes to the newlyweds.

Since everyone will have dinner at the same time this will give the couples a chance to eat as well, and it will give the bride the opportunity to fix her makeup and her overall look.

Dinner provided on the tables also means that each guest has his own chair dedicated to him, and so guests will not feel strange walking around looking for a place to sit.


Serving the food on the tables takes a lot of time and effort, thus there would be a high probability of the occurrence of errors, as you will need to recruit a large number of hosts, which will cost more than the buffet, as well as there will be that chance of your guests not liking your buffet menu.