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Passing through this page, shows you wedding catering Dubai in its amazing wedding catering services, kinds and styles. Choose now from top catering companies in Dubai for your wedding.

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When neither in-house catering nor exclusive caterer or catering list offered by the wedding venue you booked, you’ll end up with open catering which is exactly what we offer you right here. Welcome!

More than seventy wedding catering companies here are promising options for you to consider as long as you care to get the best wedding catering on your big day. We aim to introduce you to their capabilities which shape catering services at the wedding.

Styles of Wedding Catering

What it’s gonna be? Wedding dinner or wedding buffet? This determines how are you planning to cater to your wedding and it’s a little bit confusing but when you get to know wedding catering pros and cons, it becomes easier for you to pick one.

Let’s put it differently! No matter how many people you’re inviting to your wedding, best catering in Dubai here at is ready to cater to your wedding. Their abilities are out of the question when it comes to select a full buffet, plated dining or sharing dining.

Wedding buffet would be a great choice when thinking of a grand wedding party where you have a huge number of people to invite. Even you want it to be a normal wedding or small, having collections of appetizers, salads, main dishes and dessert bar is a very elegant way to appreciate your guests and their attendance.

As for the plated dining option, you select one main course to be served to every person on the table. Let’s say that you picked a menu of two dishes; Chops of Grilled Lamb and Stuffed Chicken with Spinach Feta, when time comes for serving wedding dinner, the servants will ask each guest to choose one of the two dishes and their choice from the beverages – which you also put in the menu – as in collecting orders. At that moment, each person will get his/her chosen plate with a drink but you can add to that menu a shared collection of appetizers and salads per four people, for example, or each table.

Sharing dining might not be very popular in Dubai’s culture, still, some communities would prefer it depending on the number of guests. It’ where tables are less in number and more in length to hold more than twenty-person who shares the menu served on their table. This provides an intimate atmosphere over wedding dinner.

Your preferences in wedding catering

With all cuisines offered by our collection of royal catering Dubai, you have like a million type to choose from. Oriental types of cuisines such as western food menu or the eastern one, continental types as in the Asian cuisine and the international type in which you have a variety of dishes from every cuisine in one buffet. On the other hand, if you are on a style other than full buffets, you still can pick one cuisine from which you’ll serve wedding dinner.

It’s all between your hands! Adding the Mediterranean flair to the menu upon request, you can consider which cuisine you’d love to have for hospitality catering at your wedding as per culture, the topography or tradition. If you’re going for wedding buffet, you may choose one type or two of cuisines or you may try the continental one. Remember this! Best catering in Dubai is here waiting for your attention. Browse then now.

Topography! That’s right, as Dubai is a coastal city means that seafood id very popular there and best catering in Dubai would be professional at preparing it. If we were in Beirut, we would suggest seafood and mountain house food as well.

By keeping on a traditional touch, you can have the main course, on the menu, from the folkloric dishes like the stuffed camel and Al Machboos. In Emirati weddings, a couple would prefer such an idea for wedding catering to maintain a conservatized pattern at their wedding.

Two or three-course sit down dinner of your choice or a welcoming buffet? This question could occur to you in case you’re preparing for a luxurious wedding where you cater two times. Traditional meat with rice, eastern plates or western catering? Perhaps vegetarian wedding catering? Easy on yourself here! Scroll up to check list of catering companies in Dubai that make everything easier for you.

Once you solve this, you have to think of catering service; how would it be decorated and presented to guests? How food would be served is an aperitif touches upon your senses. Think of it this way and you’ll pay great attention to the art of serving food. Luck you! You don’t need to worry about it, because we brought you wedding catering companies in here to do this for you.

And so, tailoring the menu for wedding dinner or wedding buffet is quite an issue since, first, set your budget, second, count the total number of your guests, third, select a style for catering your wedding and forth, choose among cuisines the one or collection you prefer.

Finally, your menu is almost ready, for you shall be careful with adding dessert. That’s with wedding cake in hand you may not need to think of extra dessert or you may make it less. Load up the bases! Next, we’re about to interpret all these details with expenses help.

Wedding Catering Cost

Numbers and figures! Not really, but you understand how to choose the right catering for your wedding in Dubai. Our job here is to ease the search process for you and the choice becomes obvious before you know it. How do we do that exactly?

Can’t say! It’s hard to state that wedding buffet is more expensive than wedding dinner – in plates or on the shared table – because the style is not the only feature of wedding catering cost. Wedding catering services do a great deal of work here.

In buffet catering or plate-dining one, some providers offer chef on-site, grills, wedding cake cutting, dessert bar service and fresh beverages on request. In addition to many other services, you can view through the page of the catering company you want to see. Yet, best wedding caterers are not necessarily those fall in the lap of luxury, for cheap wedding catering would serve you well with food of good quality.

Sometimes it’s enough to have a look at the menus’ packages offered as certain dishes are expensive either way, like recipes from the French cuisine and seafood. One way is to search for more eastern, perhaps Arabic cuisines if you wish to reduce the cost.

Your budget for wedding catering forms almost 35 – 50 per cent of the whole budget of wedding preparation – only if you took global catering services Dubai or as lavish as such, catering budget would take half of your overall wedding expenses. Moreover, Dubai is rich with global cuisines from east to west and with degrees of elegance but at one level of satisfaction, at the same time.

Before you roll the dice, think twice! Catering companies in Dubai that are found at offer wedding catering packages with prices that are varied enough to make everybody happy. With affordable wedding catering among them, you’re going to have event catering that meets your expectations.

Let your guests enjoy the best wedding dishes at your wedding by choosing one from best wedding caterers at Get to know top catering companies in Dubai, discover the affordable offers on the wedding hospitality services, and of course, get your favourite wedding menu providers ready to be contacted directly through our website. Avoid now all the confusion and the long hours of thinking by skimming our list of the best Emirates wedding catering providers.