flowers have been a tradition for a long time. We use flowers for all our events but mostly in weddings its been a tradition pass on for years and years,but its also something that we enjoy doing.

the brides bouquet is not a new tradition, it was believed that the bride carrying a bouquet of fragrant flowers or wild herbs, or a combination of both symbolized love and the beautiful smell of the bouquet chased away evil spirits, bad luck and disease.

the bride throwing the bouquet of flowers to the single ladies, some believe that it symbolizes which lady will be next to get hitched, and others believe that picking up the bouquet will bring them fertility and good luck also the fragrant attract the goddess of fertility.

In France specifically brides designed throwing the bouquet of flower to share the joy because if the old days the guests used to take anything from the bride and groom to share in their good luck and sometimes some invitees would rip a Peace off the brides or the grooms clothing.

for the belief that they would share joy and luck with the couple, and this is why this tradition evolved into the bride giving something that belongs to her like the flower bouquet to satisfy her guests.

Regardless of the history of the use of flowers in weddings and causes do not deny that this habit carries a lot of joy and pleasure and a great decor for the wedding room. the flowers gives a sense of joy in the sense of the impact it makes on the human heart.