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All the Hotels in United Arab Emirates that host wedding receptions are here. Find the right hotel ballroom or poolside area for your wedding and ask them for wedding offers and prices through!

Choose From 391 Hotel Ballrooms in United Arab Emirates

Are you thinking of having hotel wedding? Do you want to get married in hotel ballroom but not sure which one in the UAE? It’s our pleasure to tell you that there are so many options for hotel venues with a lot of wonderful wedding services and views. Also, with all the information necessary to make your decision in picking the best one for your dream night.

Best Hotel Ballrooms in UAE

Why is hotel ballroom considered to be a good choice for weddings? We would be lying if we talked exclusively about the luxury you would enjoy at hotels halls at the wedding! For hotel venues present plenty of options other than elegant hotels. There are small and cheap hotel ballrooms as well and this is what distinguishes the providers at

In other words, why should you consider wedding hotels in Dubai for your wedding? Well, it’s pretty simple! You can have there the luxury you deserve, where grand and international hotels chains cover the state from the up the coast in the north and down to the south, including the two palms’ islands; Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. Even if you aim at a simpler wedding, you can still find what you're looking for. With a little digging in the list of Dubai’s hotel ballrooms at, you’ll get to your destination.

Abu Dhabi is another great state in the United Arab Emirates which guarantees you the wedding you dream of so long. What can you say about the capital and the metropolitan state in Emirates but the glory it would add to your precious occasions such as an engagement or a wedding? No worries, just let wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi tell you all about it. They’re here for you no matter what wedding budget you have.

Sharjah is a peaceful state that provides you with a romantic wedding celebration with family and friends. Our words won’t be enough for describing the beauty of this state and the intimate ambience there. This is why we’re leaving the stage for 40 hotel wedding in Sharjah to speak for themselves.

The variety of halls in a hotel drives you to think of it regardless of the size of your wedding. Because you know for sure that you'll find your demand in that place. No place for worries and certainly when you wake up the next morning from your wedding day, you'll have no place for regrets at all.

What You Should Know Before You Book Hotel Hall

Ballroom size is the first thing you look at when you search for the perfect wedding hall, as you need a place that fits your guests. Therefore, you need to name your guests first and to make sure of their total number. This helps you in choosing the right ballroom size.

Permit to order wedding catering and a wedding planner from outside is granted by some hotels. While most of them would include their catering or restaurants in the wedding packages. In such a case, you would enjoy the five-star services from the hotel wedding buffets and its accessories. The same applies to wedding planning once you book your hall.

Prices as one of the main features of a wedding hall that help you to decide which one to book. This is how you know about the style and class of every hotel wedding in Emirates. Some hotels determine it by the wedding buffet or wedding dinner options and its services, others would assign the price only for booking the wedding hall without wedding services. Yet, all the hotels' booking coast is based on a charge per person. Finally, wedding hotels’ prices differ from one city to another and this might work for you if you were searching for a good price as will be mentioned next.

Pay attention to the hotel weddings in each city and the best seasons for offers and booking periods. For example, you’re always exposed to various options and different levels and prices of hotel hall in Dubai during winter and spring. Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are not less than Dubai in their hotel weddings and wedding packages, especially that both enjoy a good location on the Gulf water.

Another detail to which you need to pay attention when you book wedding hall at any hotel is the wedding services and characteristics in there. How would your wedding be planned, decorated, catered and how your guests would be served at your wedding. It's pretty important here to know what you’re getting for paying a certain booking charge and what’s included in that price and what’s not. Advice

Thinking of hotel wedding while you’re in Emirates – whether you live here or just visiting – is a great idea for a fantastic wedding day. We wish nothing less than assisting you to bring your dreams come true about having the best of marriage party in hotel wedding hall.

Part of our role here is to provide you with the necessary information, including photos and videos, about every hotel hall of the 390 we have at It tells you the story behind every hotel hall we have to enrich your background and imagination on what providers have for you. So, paying extra attention to the introduction in each provider’s log is essential for your ultimate goal here.

Previewing the provider's gallery is a plus. This is because it contains high-quality photos for the hotel's services and wedding halls within. It takes you to that hotel hall in a virtual visit for an initial assessment – if not a final one – to enlighten your imagination and open your space to picture your big day at it.

We strongly encourage you to count the number for the people you want to invite to your wedding day as this information demonstrates the first step in searching for the best wedding ballroom at any hotel in Emirates. Once you got that, checking the providers’ pages becomes more specific, thus, much easier because you’re certain now about what you want exactly.

Now you browed providers and checked their information, watched their galleries but you still feel like you’re missing something. You might crossover providers with incomplete clues for you to consider it. In such a case, we advise you to contact the provider using either two ways; through the ‘SEND EMAIL’ button or the ‘Free Info/Price Request’ form. And both ways will get your message directly and quickly to them, as they will reply to you as soon as possible.

You can always think out of the box! You can choose to have your wedding in a city other than where you live already. Let’s say, you’re in Ajman but you want to wed in Dubai, we would strongly push you for it since we have Dubai providers for charming wedding hotels you would live to see.

Our last words for you here won’t be enough for you and will not make us satisfied for leaving you. For we’re planning to keep on track with you through your searching, choosing and finally make your mind up on one to have your deal. This is how we work with you because we care for you to be the happiest couple ever.

For outdoor wedding reception at the swimming pool side or the hotel beach or just inside one of our 390 hotel hall, such as west bay and the great oases. No more wandering around from one hotel to another for wedding halls, because all the best wedding halls from all around the United Arab Emirates is in one place;