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Have the most elegant wedding in hotel wedding hall by booking in one of wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi via Dubai hotels list provides you with hotel hall and hotel wedding.

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Not your city? Find Wedding Ballrooms in other cities brings you more than 70 Wedding Hotels in Abu Dhabi to consider only one for your wedding celebration. Get now all the information you need about Abu Dhabi' best hotels Ballrooms. If you decided to get married in hotel halls and still holding on to pick the one you dreamed of, there are so many options with a variety of views that you can choose from for an outdoor or indoor wedding reception.

What does Wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi mean?

You look at wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi and for a moment you think that these are meant for holding such special and intimate events like weddings and engagements. To explain this phenomenon in the industry of wedding venues, you would look at the wedding necessaries and accessories provided by a hotel in Dubai. Yet, this has never been enough, not for you to choose it, nor for us to clear up the full picture for you.

When you browse every hotel hall on our website, it exposes you to preface, details and contact information for that hall. Part of this knowledge comes in the form of images and videos and another is related to a very important feature of wedding venues in general; area capacity. It has shapes too depending on the style of catering you would prefer in your wedding – which will we talk about later.

Hotel hall with many area sizes is one area hall, in the first place, which has been separated using partitions to create smaller halls. It’s a clever technique used by wedding hotels to offer you what matches your need. On the other hand, there’re hotels in Abu Dhabi provide halls with fixed area size, for instance, if you want a ballroom for 500 people, they give you a large hall, and if you want it for a hundred, they will have another one smaller rather than rearranging the large one.

You’ll find also the number of rooms mentioned in the provider’s page to indicate the hotel’s rank. Though, wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi have treasures you can’t imagine! So far, we talked about the basic services a hotel hall would offer but how about leisure features for a magnificent ambiance like coastal front and swimming pool for an open-air wedding? Sounds awesome!

A distinctive wedding hotel would also have the expertise in wedding preparation through a wedding planning department that has a team headed by a wedding planner. Its job is to arrange your precious event from the beginning to the end including the works of wedding hall decorations, wedding stage and the aisle.

From the wedding services; hospitality service stuff during the wedding who take care of the guests, their refreshment, beverages and banquet service. Your bride will have a private room or suite – upon your package or request – to have comfort and relaxation on the wedding day.

As for wedding catering, wedding hotels serve it in different ways; either by the hotel catering section, one of the hotel restaurants or by a catering provider from outside the hotel.

We encourage you to see the images of each hotel wedding hall at instead of an on-field visit to the hotel hall in which you’re interested. This aims to avoid wasting your time and efforts while you can do everything from where you’re sitting.

Categories of Hotel Wedding Hall

With their typical characteristics and services, every hotel wedding hall you cross by at will hook you to choose it. Still, with packages prices in hand, you will be able to differentiate between their features and to recognize the right one for your wedding. Start checking now!

Luxury wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi would be what you’re looking for if you were planning for a grand wedding. A big number of guests, a fabulous kosha and a full package of wedding buffet are what you would find in such wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi. Small wedding hotels, on the other side, are less in size but not necessarily in services. So, you may find hotel hall to host 50 – 100 people in a luxurious hotel or a cheap one. All you have to do is to name the number of your guests and preferences for wedding services and start to look for a match here!

Packages prices for hotel wedding hall vary according to several reasons. One is the extent to which the hotel is classy or modest. Two, it depends on your choice from wedding catering type; would it be a dinner to be served on tables or a buffet banquet? Three, with what catering company you want to make your deal with? Would you choose the hotel’s catering? One of its amazing restaurants? Or an external events company?

As for the third choice, it’s up to the wedding hotel’s terms and conditions to permit you to contact a provider other than taking its service. Sometimes this service comes with the booking packages and the price is condemned by it as it goes per person in all hotel halls.

How can help you to have hotel wedding in Abu Dhabi? leads your way towards the right decision for choosing hotel wedding hall. We’re always after authentic information including images to assure you that what we choose is the best in Abu Dhabi. This is for you to compare the preferences between hotel ballrooms. Yet, you can always contact the hotel you want for any question. publishes the basic features for every hotel hall on its page, for example, the price per person, capacity and the ability to order catering from outside. Such clues help you to find a hall that fits your wedding. To that end, set the exact number of your guests to match with the capacity that appears in the hotel’s page. makes hotels’ logs accessible for you to view their information – as mentioned earlier – and to contact them directly through sending email option on the top, or by filling the ‘Free Info/Price Request’ form on the left. So, they would respond to you in short notice. gives you the chance to enjoy wedding preparation and the event itself through making a deal with one of our seventy-nine providers in Abu Dhabi, for it’s going to be an unforgettable experience for you.

No need to spend hours looking for venues as we made sure to include each hotel wedding halls in Abu Dhabi. All these venues are gathered here in one place at, with all the information necessary to make your decision and the means to contact them for even further more details just to help you in picking the best one for your dream night.