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You can make your party the greatest by booking a hotel ballroom or wedding hall via Dubai hotels list provides you with hotel hall and hotel wedding.

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More than 250 of the most famous wedding venues for your wedding in Dubai's best hotels. If you decided to get married in wedding hall and still trying to pick an appropriate one, here is so many options with a variety of views that you would love to choose from for an outdoor wedding reception such as west bay, marina and Jumeirah.

What does Best Wedding Venues in Dubai offer?

Weddings are the most events that grab the attention of the hotels in Dubai and this is what makes the top wedding hotels in Dubai. Whether a five-star hotel hall or less, wedding hotels in Dubai presents all the necessary supplements and accessories for your wedding. And the rest of the text guides you to their advantages, features and how can you get to access them through So, let’s have a few minutes of your time to give it all to you!

Here, you get to know more about the hotel banquet halls you’re viewing; details and information, contact information and the gallery. Among these, every place introduces its capacity in various forms and purposes. For example, a total capacity of over 500 people, in general, would include 200 – 500 person indoor between banquet meal form and more than 500 people in cocktail one. Other basic services like valet parking and the open-air hall for a maximum of 500 people.

Hotel hall with different sizes and we’ve already revealed that but hotel banquet halls can be readjusted to fit the number of your guests. Other hotels in Dubai have already many halls with different areas with no need to rearrange that. For example, there are hotels with small wedding halls fit for 50 – 100 person.

Privileged features like a sea view and ambiance and the number of rooms in the hotel reveal the rank of a hotel beside the level of hotel services provided in general and for weddings services in special. About the open-air area designed for hosting events – weddings and engagements are included, it’s a swimming pool within. In some hotels, it’s a grand one and in others, it’s located on the shore to give you a double privileged wedding venue for a marvellous wedding on the beach.

What distinguish wedding hotels in Dubai is having a specialized section for wedding organizing and planning who takes care of wedding event management from A to Z starting with hotel hall decor and kosha, wedding bouquets, wedding catering and makes sure that a professional stuff would supervise the wedding, serve your guests with hospitality and kindness and keeps track of the wedding celebration.

Your bride has her share of glory as well. For wedding preparation means to look after the bride by providing a special room – or a suite – for her wedding dress arrangements, hair and make-up and for her comfort for moments at the wedding when she needs it.

Wedding catering is another feature that wedding hotels in Dubai have in three ways; hotel catering, hotel restaurant and external catering.

Since we think that you believe more in what you see within your own eyes, we grant you the chance to view images of each hotel wedding hall, added this step for you to replace visiting the place in person – at least not at first. No more wasting time and efforts and more providers for you to check in minutes while you’re enjoying your tea at home or with friends.

Types of Hotel Wedding Hall

Our providers are from various groups of hotels. Each one with distinctive characteristics and services that raise completion among them. For a minute, you would think that this would make it harder for you to make up your mind on one but we assure you just the opposite. Because when we add the prices, you’ll be able to make a match between the features and the price for it. This is how you decide, especially when you know already in which category each hotel falls.

One category is the luxury wedding hotels in Dubai with a higher average price per person. Another category is cheap wedding hotels in Dubai where the package price is affordable for the limited-income people. Small wedding hotel halls lay in between both categories as its capacity is the minimum; usually 50 – 100 person, but you can find elegant as well as the simple ones.

Many factors justify the various prices for booking hotel hall for your wedding or engagement. First, the hotel’s category and its star-level. Second, the style of the wedding catering you choose; wedding buffet or wedding dinner. Third, and this is the common method, would you request the catering from the hotel, from one of its restaurants or external catering company.

Allowing you to have your wedding dinner or buffet from a provider for wedding catering other than the hotel’s is related to the hotel, while some hotel halls have their terms and conditions. Ask now for this feature by contacting hotel hall of your choice.

How can help you to have hotel wedding in Dubai?

First: Because our job is to help you to make the right decision when choosing a hotel hall for your wedding, we’re keen to provide complete information supported by images and videos. This how you’re having all that you need to compare and contrast between your preferences and every hotel ballroom. Yet, in case you needed more information or query, don’t hesitate to contact the hotel you want.

Second: Every provider’s page at carries the most common features for any hotel hall such as the host capacity of individuals. This determinates the size of the hall you prefer according to the number of your guests. Therefore, make sure to get the specific number of your attendees or at least the most approximate number and choose the hall area size accordingly to avoid mistakes.

Third: As it’s easy for you to preview all you need to know about a wedding hotel from its log, also designed it in a flexible way to contact that hotel hall directly to get their response quickly as well. Hit the ‘SEND EMAIL’ button or fill the ‘Free Info/Price Request’ form now to post them your questions.

Forth: We strongly recommend you to have your wedding in Dubai for what you would enjoy when you choose your hotel wedding through You can also have a look at best wedding venues in Dubai for all our options of providers.

Fifth: We would love to assist you with our expertise and thoughts through our articles and photos albums once they are ready to be published. So expect everything new from and keep on track with us.

No more spending hours searching for venues and wondering what each one of them is going to be like, as we made sure to include each one of these wedding halls in every Dubai hotel.

These venues are gathered from all around Dubai here in one place at, with all the information necessary to make your decision and the means to contact them for even further more details just to help you in picking the best one for your dream night.