Wedding Venues in Abu Dhabi

Now you set your wedding date, you should explore our five types of wedding venues in Abu Dhabi. Each one will speak for itself as to let you decide on one!

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Why wedding venues Abu Dhabi?

The amazing location of Abu Dhabi tells a lot about the privileges of its wedding venues starting from the climate. Therefore, being an island pops out the varieties of venues types from indoor wedding halls to outdoors, such as beaches and gardens and much more to see, just proceed the next.

From there, you can just explore the fact that Abu Dhabi is a coastal city which opens opportunities for hotels on the shores. What happens here is a stunning hotel ballroom for weddings in many hotels spreading along the islands and downtown itself. Such wedding venues provide you with romantic ambiances you’ve always dreamed of.

Weddings halls as well are canny with water views since summer brings a fresh breeze and the Arabian Gulf scent. So, focuses on many forms of these wedding halls, from the small and cheap ones to the luxurious. It also brings you the glorious wedding with all equipment and accessories a marriage needs.

Another facility joins the weddings venues and acts exactly like wedding halls yet it wears elegance as it exceeds those advantages. Wedding tents became very popular for hosting marriage celebrations and we follow every popular to deliver it to you. Because we care for your elegant wedding we also took advantage of these tents and brought them to you.

Gardens, clubs and parks are also among wedding venues Abu Dhabi that run your most important life event in the open air – except for the clubs since it has closed ballrooms as it has open one. Think of the green nature, blue water and fresh air to consider for your wedding decorations and to rest in the hands of an extraordinary theme for an extraordinary occasion.

Finally, we have restaurants for you to check for your wedding – no matter large it would be or small – or engagement. It’s where you enjoy the spectacular hospitality that is meant for weddings in precise. Moreover, it’s where you don’t worry at all about your marriage dinner or buffet because they will take quite good care of it for you.

Wedding halls in Abu Dhabi

Once you decide on your wedding date, the first thing you think of is booking the wedding hall! We talked about it above, yet, we decided to elaborate on it a little here as one distinguished venue type. But why it is a distinctive wedding place type? It’s simple! It enjoys dependence area that frees you from sharing your moments with other people.

Unlike hotels, restaurants and gardens, wedding halls in Abu Dhabi makes you own the whole place for your wedding with no worries that some other events take place somewhere next to you. It does provide some five-stars services like bridal room and open buffet to have it all under one roof.

It is also about speciality! While all other wedding venues have bits of pieces in serving many purposes in one place, this venue serves the only one which is your wedding. This means putting your greatest event in the right place and in good hands. So if you would like to be specific, go for a certain wedding venue, get wedding hall!

The concept of place value – which you will cross by when you page wedding halls in Abu Dhabi – is all about the benefits of a venue such as marriage hall. Abu Dhabi weddings tents, on the other hand, look so much like halls especially since their engineer and internal designs resemble the halls.

Wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi

As for the hotels, it is the main rival of the wedding halls. Both, wedding hotels and wedding halls race to provide the highest quality of wedding services starting with building the suitable and wonderful hotel banquet halls for events that seem to harmonize with all kinds of occasions, and your wedding in on top.

Best destination wedding resorts is what we offer and as we believe in Abu Dhabi valuable options we find it a magnificent chance for you to uncover them. In wedding hotels in Abu Dhabi, you learn how to enjoy luxury and invest it in your wedding.

Wedding packages in Abu Dhabi hotels open another door for you to check for yourself how a hotel hall turns your wedding into an unforgettable night. It is the art of making weddings and pleasure times for you, your bride and your guests through majestic wedding decoration, hospitality services and open buffet.

Much more on wedding hotel and its categories and wedding services are magnified in Abu Dhabi’s hotels, all you need to do is to visit these hotels with Go and check their information, facilities and services, then, watch their photos all in one place; the hotel’s booth corner in our website. Don’t forget to see how can help you with getting a hotel wedding in Abu Dhabi.

Outdoor wedding venues

We think out of the box and include the outdoors in our collection of wedding venues in Abu Dhabi. This choice means the best places to get married from Weddings gardens Abu Dhabi, clubs, parks and some kinds of tents. Such venues use open-air to create a natural ambiance for your wedding that is full of space and views.

Abu Dhabi weddings gardens with its massive space areas provide comfortable access to all wedding facilities and services during the wedding. Just imagine your wedding stage designed with flowers and greens, and uses decorations carved in wood. What air would you breathe in there to drive away all the stress and pressure weddings create?

Weddings gardens in Abu Dhabi give you also astonishing views for bridal photography sessions and the most beautiful wedding photos. Book an outdoor club ballroom or park to use it for your wedding ceremony, reception and photo session.

We mentioned Abu Dhabi weddings tents earlier in comparison to wedding halls but now we speak solo for its sake only. Honestly, some marriage tents go beyond beauty and charm with its duel design. Combining the indoor hall and the outdoor part is the sense of intelligence in merging tents and the sky.

Weddings tents Abu Dhabi provide such creativity and you can see this when you find out how wedding planners work around the clock to give you a wedding theme exactly as you desire. It’s obvious as well that such a venue provides kind of celebrations privacy that circles your wedding around your people only.

How can help?

In many ways, actually! Being here, in the first place, shows you that you let us guide you to explore the varieties of wedding venues Abu Dhabi. A simple fact is that devoting a few minutes of your time to see for yourself what distinguishes us reveals your faith in our services. What more worthy is to make you more excited to see what we are offering you. offers you categories of wedding venues in Abu Dhabi – just like you read here – halls, hotels, gardens and Abu Dhabi restaurant wedding venues. offers you categories of each venue, for example, we have small wedding venues, cheap wedding venues in Abu Dhabi and luxurious wedding hotels. offers you Abu Dhabi wedding venues prices, wedding offers and Abu Dhabi wedding packages that cover booking the venue and some services depending on the venue type. offers unique wedding venues who would respond to your queries through an easy, direct and quick request form in their pages.

What to do now?

Whether you decided on what kind of wedding venue you want or not, we advise you to go through them all to understand each one’s features. This shall open your mind to their qualities in a way that enables you to decide which one to choose.

Then what? Say you pick hotel venues, it would be great that you benefit from our list of hotel banquet halls and perhaps you get lucky to catch a hotel wedding package that would bring you a fascinating wedding.

It is pretty much in your best interest to keep on following us for photos albums and ideas we are preparing now to assist you in your path to choose a wedding venue. You will easily access wedding venues ideas once we launch them at very soon.